Cavendish Beach Festival!

The First Annual Cavendish Beach Festival was a 3 day Country Music festival held at Cavendish, Prince Edwards Island Canada on July 10 - 12, 2009.  The organizers had a great vision and wanted to make the 3 day event an unforgettable experience.  With this objective in mind The Cavendish Beach Festival hired Showtime Events to design and supply the decor for the entrance way to the event. The entrance way area was was over 3,000 feet from start to finish.

The Main Stage

The Main Stage

As the event was held on the an Island on the Atlantic Ocean, Showtime Events had a couple obstacles to keep in mind while coming up with our design including electricity and wind. There was only electricity at the very end and beginning of the event entrance way.  To start Jason Wood and his team from the Michigan Showtime office put a Airstar Crystal 160 with a Cavendish Beach festival logo at the the first entrance at the road.  This created great branding of the event for the guests arriving as well as provided lighting as they were crossing the road.

blog1To create an amazing visual along the long entrance way area Showtime Events installed 20′ white feather banners that flowed in the light wind. As the sun went down they had an orange glow as the sunlight shined through each banner. They not only looked great as guests walked into the event, but also gave a great background to the main stage.  As you looked at the entertainment on the stage you could see them in the background.

On the last 800 feet of the entrance way had electricity.  Showtime Events hung different illuminated shapes, stars, and designs 30 feet high in the middle of the area.  Showtime Events also had 2 other  Logo Airstar Crystals around the grounds providing lighting for the beach volleyball court and restrooms.

It was wonderful working with organizers and creating an unforgettable experience for the guests.  For more information about the event please check out

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